Ham Technician License Practice Quiz

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T0A03: What is connected to the green wire in a three-wire electrical AC plug?

Safety ground
The white wire

T0B08: What is considered to be a proper grounding method for a tower?

A single four-foot ground rod, driven into the ground no more than 12 inches from the base
A ferrite-core RF choke connected between the tower and ground
Separate eight-foot long ground rods for each tower leg, bonded to the tower and each other
A connection between the tower base and a cold water pipe

T0C01: What type of radiation are VHF and UHF radio signals?

Gamma radiation
Ionizing radiation
Alpha radiation
Non-ionizing radiation

T1A02: What agency regulates and enforces the rules for the Amateur Radio Service in the United States?

Homeland Security

T1B01: What is the ITU?

An agency of the United States Department of Telecommunications Management
A United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues
An independent frequency coordination agency
A department of the FCC

T1C05: What must you do if you are operating on the 23 cm band and learn that you are interfering with a radiolocation station outside the United States?

Stop operating or take steps to eliminate the harmful interference
Nothing, because this band is allocated exclusively to the amateur service
Establish contact with the radiolocation station and ask them to change frequency
Change to CW mode, because this would not likely cause interference

T1D04: What is the only time an amateur station is authorized to transmit music?

When incidental to an authorized retransmission of manned spacecraft communications
When the music produces no spurious emissions
When the purpose is to interfere with an illegal transmission
When the music is transmitted above 1280 MHz

T1E08: What type of control is being used for a repeater when the control operator is not present at a control point?

Local control
Remote control
Automatic control

T1F07: Which of the following restrictions apply when appending a self-assigned call sign indicator?

It must be more than three letters and less than five letters
It must be less than five letters
It must start with the letters AA through AL, K, N, or W and be not less than two characters or more than five characters in length
It must not conflict with any other indicator specified by the FCC rules or with any call sign prefix assigned to another country

T2A08: What is the meaning of the procedural signal "CQ"?

Call on the quarter hour
A new antenna is being tested (no station should answer)
Only the called station should transmit
Calling any station

T2B10: What is the "Q" signal used to indicate that you are receiving interference from other stations?


T2C10: What is the preamble in a formal traffic message?

The first paragraph of the message text
The message number
The priority handling indicator for the message
The information needed to track the message as it passes through the amateur radio traffic handling system

T3A03: What antenna polarization is normally used for long-distance weak-signal CW and SSB contacts using the VHF and UHF bands?

Right-hand circular
Left-hand circular

T3B10: What frequency range is referred to as HF?

300 to 3000 MHz
30 to 300 MHz
3 to 30 MHz
300 to 3000 kHz

T3C04: Which of the following propagation types is most commonly associated with occasional strong over-the-horizon signals on the 10, 6, and 2 meter bands?

Sporadic E
D layer absorption
Gray-line propagation

T4A06: Which of the following would be connected between a transceiver and computer in a packet radio station?

Terminal node controller

T4B09: Which of the following is an appropriate receive filter to select in order to minimize noise and interference for SSB reception?

500 Hz
1000 Hz
2400 Hz
5000 Hz

T5A08: Which of the following is a good electrical insulator?


T5B02: What is another way to specify a radio signal frequency of 1,500,000 hertz?

1500 kHz
1500 MHz
15 GHz
150 kHz

T5C09: How much power is being used in a circuit when the applied voltage is 13.8 volts DC and the current is 10 amperes?

138 watts
0.7 watts
23.8 watts
3.8 watts

T5D04: What is the resistance of a circuit in which a current of 3 amperes flows through a resistor connected to 90 volts?

3 ohms
30 ohms
93 ohms
270 ohms

T6A07: What electrical component is usually composed of a coil of wire?


T6B02: What electronic component allows current to flow in only one direction?

Driven Element

T6C10: What is component 3 in figure T3?

Variable capacitor
Variable inductor

T6D05: What type of circuit controls the amount of voltage from a power supply?

Phase inverter

T7A12: Which term describes the ability of a receiver to discriminate between multiple signals?

Tuning rate
Noise floor

T7B11: What is a symptom of RF feedback in a transmitter or transceiver?

Excessive SWR at the antenna connection
The transmitter will not stay on the desired frequency
Reports of garbled, distorted, or unintelligible transmissions
Frequent blowing of power supply fuses

T7C02: Which of the following instruments can be used to determine if an antenna is resonant at the desired operating frequency?

An antenna analyzer
A "Q" meter
A frequency counter

T7D02: What is the correct way to connect a voltmeter to a circuit?

In series with the circuit
In parallel with the circuit
In quadrature with the circuit
In phase with the circuit

T8A03: Which type of voice modulation is most often used for long-distance or weak signal contacts on the VHF and UHF bands?


T8B07: With regard to satellite communications, what is Doppler shift?

A change in the satellite orbit
A mode where the satellite receives signals on one band and transmits on another
An observed change in signal frequency caused by relative motion between the satellite and the earth station
A special digital communications mode for some satellites

T8C11: What name is given to an amateur radio station that is used to connect other amateur stations to the Internet?

A gateway
A repeater
A digipeater
A beacon

T8D08: Which of the following may be included in packet transmissions?

A check sum which permits error detection
A header which contains the call sign of the station to which the information is being sent
Automatic repeat request in case of error
All of these choices are correct

T9A06: What type of antennas are the quad, Yagi, and dish?

Non-resonant antennas
Loop antennas
Directional antennas
Isotropic antennas

T9B03: Why is coaxial cable used more often than any other feedline for amateur radio antenna systems?

It is easy to use and requires few special installation considerations
It has less loss than any other type of feedline
It can handle more power than any other type of feedline
It is less expensive than any other types of feedline