Ham Technician License Practice Quiz

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T0A07: Which of these precautions should be taken when installing devices for lightning protection in a coaxial cable feedline?

Include a parallel bypass switch for each protector so that it can be switched out of the circuit when running high power
Include a series switch in the ground line of each protector to prevent RF overload from inadvertently damaging the protector
Keep the ground wires from each protector separate and connected to station ground
Ground all of the protectors to a common plate which is in turn connected to an external ground

T0B06: What is the minimum safe distance from a power line to allow when installing an antenna?

Half the width of your property
The height of the power line above ground
1/2 wavelength at the operating frequency
So that if the antenna falls unexpectedly, no part of it can come closer than 10 feet to the power wires

T0C07: What could happen if a person accidentally touched your antenna while you were transmitting?

Touching the antenna could cause television interference
They might receive a painful RF burn
They might develop radiation poisoning
All of these choices are correct

T1A04: Which of the following meets the FCC definition of harmful interference?

Radio transmissions that annoy users of a repeater
Unwanted radio transmissions that cause costly harm to radio station apparatus
That which seriously degrades, obstructs, or repeatedly interrupts a radio communication service operating in accordance with the Radio Regulations
Static from lightning storms

T1B02: North American amateur stations are located in which ITU region?

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4

T1C06: From which of the following may an FCC-licensed amateur station transmit, in addition to places where the FCC regulates communications?

From within any country that belongs to the International Telecommunications Union
From within any country that is a member of the United Nations
From anywhere within in ITU Regions 2 and 3
From any vessel or craft located in international waters and documented or registered in the United States

T1D10: What is the meaning of the term broadcasting in the FCC rules for the amateur services?

Two-way transmissions by amateur stations
Transmission of music
Transmission of messages directed only to amateur operators
Transmissions intended for reception by the general public

T1E01: When must an amateur station have a control operator?

Only when the station is transmitting
Only when the station is being locally controlled
Only when the station is being remotely controlled
Only when the station is being automatically controlled

T1F07: Which of the following restrictions apply when appending a self-assigned call sign indicator?

It must be more than three letters and less than five letters
It must be less than five letters
It must start with the letters AA through AL, K, N, or W and be not less than two characters or more than five characters in length
It must not conflict with any other indicator specified by the FCC rules or with any call sign prefix assigned to another country

T2A10: What is a band plan, beyond the privileges established by the FCC?

A voluntary guideline for using different modes or activities within an amateur band
A mandated list of operating schedules
A list of scheduled net frequencies
A plan devised by a club to use a frequency band during a contest

T2B09: Which of the following methods is encouraged by the FCC when identifying your station when using phone?

Use of a phonetic alphabet
Send your call sign in CW as well as voice
Repeat your call sign three times
Increase your signal to full power when identifying

T2C06: Which of the following is common practice during net operations to get the immediate attention of the net control station when reporting an emergency?

Repeat the words SOS three times followed by the call sign of the reporting station
Press the push-to-talk button three times
Begin your transmission with 'Priority' or 'Emergency' followed by your call sign
Play a pre-recorded emergency alert tone followed by your call sign

T3A11: Which part of the atmosphere enables the propagation of radio signals around the world?

The stratosphere
The troposphere
The ionosphere
The magnetosphere

T3B10: What frequency range is referred to as HF?

300 to 3000 MHz
30 to 300 MHz
3 to 30 MHz
300 to 3000 kHz

T3C07: What band is best suited to communicating via meteor scatter?

10 meters
6 meters
2 meters
70 cm

T4A01: Which of the following is true concerning the microphone connectors on amateur transceivers?

All transceivers use the same microphone connector type
Some connectors include push-to-talk and voltages for powering the microphone
All transceivers using the same connector type are wired identically
Un-keyed connectors allow any microphone to be connected

T4B01: What may happen if a transmitter is operated with the microphone gain set too high?

The output power might be too high
The output signal might become distorted
The frequency might vary
The SWR might increase

T5A08: Which of the following is a good electrical insulator?


T5B06: If an ammeter calibrated in amperes is used to measure a 3000-milliampere current, what reading would it show?

0.003 amperes
0.3 amperes
3 amperes
3,000,000 amperes

T5C03: What is the ability to store energy in a magnetic field called?


T5D09: What is the current flowing through a 24-ohm resistor connected across 240 volts?

24,000 amperes
0.1 amperes
10 amperes
216 amperes

T6A07: What electrical component is usually composed of a coil of wire?


T6B02: What electronic component allows current to flow in only one direction?

Driven Element

T6C08: What is component 9 in figure T2?

Variable capacitor
Variable inductor
Variable resistor
Variable transformer

T6D06: What component is commonly used to change 120V AC house current to a lower AC voltage for other uses?

Variable capacitor

T7A04: What circuit is pictured in Figure T7, if block 1 is a frequency discriminator?

A double-conversion receiver
A regenerative receiver
A superheterodyne receiver
An FM receiver

T7B10: What might be the problem if you receive a report that your audio signal through the repeater is distorted or unintelligible?

Your transmitter may be slightly off frequency
Your batteries may be running low
You could be in a bad location
All of these choices are correct

T7C02: Which of the following instruments can be used to determine if an antenna is resonant at the desired operating frequency?

An antenna analyzer
A "Q" meter
A frequency counter

T7D06: Which of the following might damage a multimeter?

Measuring a voltage too small for the chosen scale
Leaving the meter in the milliamps position overnight
Attempting to measure voltage when using the resistance setting
Not allowing it to warm up properly

T8A03: Which type of voice modulation is most often used for long-distance or weak signal contacts on the VHF and UHF bands?


T8B02: How much transmitter power should be used on the uplink frequency of an amateur satellite or space station?

The maximum power of your transmitter
The minimum amount of power needed to complete the contact
No more than half the rating of your linear amplifier
Never more than 1 watt

T8C01: Which of the following methods is used to locate sources of noise interference or jamming?

Doppler radar
Radio direction finding
Phase locking

T8D11: What is a "parity" bit?

A control code required for automatic position reporting
A timing bit used to ensure equal sharing of a frequency
An extra code element used to detect errors in received data
A "triple width" bit used to signal the end of a character

T9A07: What is a good reason not to use a "rubber duck" antenna inside your car?

Signals can be significantly weaker than when it is outside of the vehicle
It might cause your radio to overheat
The SWR might decrease, decreasing the signal strength
All of these choices are correct

T9B07: Which of the following is true of PL-259 type coax connectors?

They are good for UHF frequencies
They are water tight
The are commonly used at HF frequencies
They are a bayonet type connector