Ham Technician License Practice Quiz

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T0A13: What safety equipment should always be included in home-built equipment that is powered from 120V AC power circuits?

A fuse or circuit breaker in series with the AC "hot" conductor
An AC voltmeter across the incoming power source
An inductor in series with the AC power source
A capacitor across the AC power source

T0B09: Why should you avoid attaching an antenna to a utility pole?

The antenna will not work properly because of induced voltages
The utility company will charge you an extra monthly fee
The antenna could contact high-voltage power wires
All of these choices are correct

T0C06: Which of the following is an acceptable method to determine that your station complies with FCC RF exposure regulations?

By calculation based on FCC OET Bulletin 65
By calculation based on computer modeling
By measurement of field strength using calibrated equipment
All of these choices are correct

T1A10: What is the FCC Part 97 definition of an amateur station?

A station in an Amateur Radio Service consisting of the apparatus necessary for carrying on radio communications
A building where Amateur Radio receivers, transmitters, and RF power amplifiers are installed
Any radio station operated by a non-professional
Any radio station for hobby use

T1B03: Which frequency is within the 6 meter band?

49.00 MHz
52.525 MHz
28.50 MHz
222.15 MHz

T1C11: If your license has expired and is still within the allowable grace period, may you continue to operate a transmitter on amateur service frequencies?

No, transmitting is not allowed until the ULS database shows that the license has been renewed
Yes, but only if you identify using the suffix "GP"
Yes, but only during authorized nets
Yes, for up to two years

T1D04: What is the only time an amateur station is authorized to transmit music?

When incidental to an authorized retransmission of manned spacecraft communications
When the music produces no spurious emissions
When the purpose is to interfere with an illegal transmission
When the music is transmitted above 1280 MHz

T1E06: Under which of the following types of control is it permissible for the control operator to be at a location other than the control point?

Local control
Automatic control
Remote control
Indirect control

T1F11: To which foreign stations do the FCC rules authorize the transmission of non-emergency third party communications?

Any station whose government permits such communications
Those in ITU Region 2 only
Those in ITU Regions 2 and 3 only
Those in ITU Region 3 only

T2A02: What is the national calling frequency for FM simplex operations in the 70 cm band?

146.520 MHz
145.000 MHz
432.100 MHz
446.000 MHz

T2B08: What is the proper course of action if your station's transmission unintentionally interferes with another station?

Rotate your antenna slightly
Properly identify your transmission and move to a different frequency
Increase power
Change antenna polarization

T2C04: What do RACES and ARES have in common?

They represent the two largest ham clubs in the United States
Both organizations broadcast road and weather traffic information
Neither may handle emergency traffic supporting public service agencies
Both organizations may provide communications during emergencies

T3A03: What antenna polarization is normally used for long-distance weak-signal CW and SSB contacts using the VHF and UHF bands?

Right-hand circular
Left-hand circular

T3B06: What is the formula for converting frequency to wavelength in meters?

Wavelength in meters equals frequency in hertz multiplied by 300
Wavelength in meters equals frequency in hertz divided by 300
Wavelength in meters equals frequency in megahertz divided by 300
Wavelength in meters equals 300 divided by frequency in megahertz

T3C02: Which of the following might be happening when VHF signals are being received from long distances?

Signals are being reflected from outer space
Signals are arriving by sub-surface ducting
Signals are being reflected by lightning storms in your area
Signals are being refracted from a sporadic E layer

T4A08: Which type of conductor is best to use for RF grounding?

Round stranded wire
Round copper-clad steel wire
Twisted-pair cable
Flat strap

T4B03: What is the purpose of the squelch control on a transceiver?

To set the highest level of volume desired
To set the transmitter power level
To adjust the automatic gain control
To mute receiver output noise when no signal is being received

T5A01: Electrical current is measured in which of the following units?


T5B02: What is another way to specify a radio signal frequency of 1,500,000 hertz?

1500 kHz
1500 MHz
15 GHz
150 kHz

T5C04: What is the basic unit of inductance?

The coulomb
The farad
The henry
The ohm

T5D05: What is the resistance in a circuit for which the applied voltage is 12 volts and the current flow is 1.5 amperes?

18 ohms
0.125 ohms
8 ohms
13.5 ohms

T6A07: What electrical component is usually composed of a coil of wire?


T6B12: What is the term that describes a transistor's ability to amplify a signal?

Forward resistance
Forward voltage drop
On resistance

T6C06: What is component 6 in figure T2?

Regulator IC

T6D03: What type of switch is represented by item 3 in figure T2?

Single-pole single-throw
Single-pole double-throw
Double-pole single-throw
Double-pole double-throw

T7A08: Which of the following circuits combines a speech signal and an RF carrier?

Beat frequency oscillator
Noise blanker

T7B11: What is a symptom of RF feedback in a transmitter or transceiver?

Excessive SWR at the antenna connection
The transmitter will not stay on the desired frequency
Reports of garbled, distorted, or unintelligible transmissions
Frequent blowing of power supply fuses

T7C10: Why should the outer jacket of coaxial cable be resistant to ultraviolet light?

Ultraviolet resistant jackets prevent harmonic radiation
Ultraviolet light can increase losses in the cable's jacket
Ultraviolet and RF signals can mix together, causing interference
Ultraviolet light can damage the jacket and allow water to enter the cable

T7D09: What is the characteristic appearance of a "cold" solder joint?

Dark black spots
A bright or shiny surface
A grainy or dull surface
A greenish tint

T8A09: What is the approximate bandwidth of a VHF repeater FM phone signal?

Less than 500 Hz
About 150 kHz
Between 5 and 15 kHz
Between 50 and 125 kHz

T8B03: Which of the following can be done using an amateur radio satellite?

Talk to amateur radio operators in other countries
Get global positioning information
Make telephone calls
All of these choices are correct

T8C03: What popular operating activity involves contacting as many stations as possible during a specified period of time?

Net operations
Public service events
Simulated emergency exercises

T8D10: Which of the following can be used to transmit CW in the amateur bands?

Straight Key
Electronic Keyer
Computer Keyboard
All of these choices are correct

T9A08: What is the approximate length, in inches, of a quarter-wavelength vertical antenna for 146 MHz?


T9B06: Which of the following connectors is most suitable for frequencies above 400 MHz?

A UHF (PL-259/SO-239) connector
A Type N connector
An RS-213 connector
A DB-23 connector