Ham General License Practice Quiz

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G0A10: What is one thing that can be done if evaluation shows that a neighbor might receive more than the allowable limit of RF exposure from the main lobe of a directional antenna?

Change from horizontal polarization to vertical polarization
Change from horizontal polarization to circular polarization
Use an antenna with a higher front-to-back ratio
Take precautions to ensure that the antenna cannot be pointed in their direction

G0B07: Which of the following should be observed for safety when climbing on a tower using a safety belt or harness?

Never lean back and rely on the belt alone to support your weight
Always attach the belt safety hook to the belt D-ring with the hook opening away from the tower
Ensure that all heavy tools are securely fastened to the belt D-ring
Make sure that your belt is grounded at all times

G1A12: When General Class licensees are not permitted to use the entire voice portion of a particular band, which portion of the voice segment is generally available to them?

The lower frequency end
The upper frequency end
The lower frequency end on frequencies below 7.3 MHz and the upper end on frequencies above 14.150 MHz
The upper frequency end on frequencies below 7.3 MHz and the lower end on frequencies above 14.150 MHz

G1B04: Which of the following must be true before amateur stations may provide communications to broadcasters for dissemination to the public?

The communications must directly relate to the immediate safety of human life or protection of property and there must be no other means of communication reasonably available before or at the time of
The communications must be approved by a local emergency preparedness official and conducted on officially designated frequencies
The FCC must have declared a state of emergency
All of these choices are correct

G1C10: What is the maximum symbol rate permitted for RTTY or data emission transmissions on the 10 meter band?

56 kilobaud
19.6 kilobaud
1200 baud
300 baud

G1D01: Which of the following is a proper way to identify when transmitting using phone on General Class frequencies if you have a CSCE for the required elements but your upgrade from Technician has not appeared in the FCC database?

Give your call sign followed by the words "General Class"
No special identification is needed
Give your call sign followed by "slant AG"
Give your call sign followed the abbreviation 'CSCE'

G1E04: Which of the following conditions require an Amateur Radio station licensee to take specific steps to avoid harmful interference to other users or facilities?

When operating within one mile of an FCC Monitoring Station
When using a band where the Amateur Service is secondary
When a station is transmitting spread spectrum emissions
All of these choices are correct

G2A03: Which of the following is most commonly used for SSB voice communications in the VHF and UHF bands?

Upper sideband
Lower sideband
Vestigial sideband
Double sideband

G2B12: When is an amateur station allowed to use any means at its disposal to assist another station in distress?

Only when transmitting in RACES
At any time when transmitting in an organized net
At any time during an actual emergency
Only on authorized HF frequencies

G2C06: What does the term 'zero beat' mean in CW operation?

Matching the speed of the transmitting station
Operating split to avoid interference on frequency
Sending without error
Matching your transmit frequency to the frequency of a received signal.

G2D02: Which of the following are objectives of the Amateur Auxiliary?

To conduct efficient and orderly amateur licensing examinations
To encourage amateur self regulation and compliance with the rules
To coordinate repeaters for efficient and orderly spectrum usage
To provide emergency and public safety communications

G2E13: In the PACTOR protocol, what is meant by an NAK response to a transmitted packet?

The receiver is requesting the packet be re-transmitted
The receiver is reporting the packet was received without error
The receiver is busy decoding the packet
The entire file has been received correctly

G3A11: Approximately how long is the typical sunspot cycle?

8 minutes
40 hours
28 days
11 years

G3B08: What does MUF stand for?

The Minimum Usable Frequency for communications between two points
The Maximum Usable Frequency for communications between two points
The Minimum Usable Frequency during a 24 hour period
The Maximum Usable Frequency during a 24 hour period

G3C07: What makes HF scatter signals often sound distorted?

The ionospheric layer involved is unstable
Ground waves are absorbing much of the signal
The E-region is not present
Energy is scattered into the skip zone through several different radio wave paths

G4A08: What is the correct adjustment for the load or coupling control of a vacuum tube RF power amplifier?

Minimum SWR on the antenna
Minimum plate current without exceeding maximum allowable grid current
Highest plate voltage while minimizing grid current
Maximum power output without exceeding maximum allowable plate current

G4B12: What problem can occur when making measurements on an antenna system with an antenna analyzer?

SWR readings may be incorrect if the antenna is too close to the Earth
Strong signals from nearby transmitters can affect the accuracy of measurements
The analyzer can be damaged if measurements outside the ham bands are attempted
Connecting the analyzer to an antenna can cause it to absorb harmonics

G4C03: What sound is heard from an audio device or telephone if there is interference from a nearby single-sideband phone transmitter?

A steady hum whenever the transmitter is on the air
On-and-off humming or clicking
Distorted speech
Clearly audible speech

G4D02: Which of the following describes how a speech processor affects a transmitted single sideband phone signal?

It increases peak power
It increases average power
It reduces harmonic distortion
It reduces intermodulation distortion

G4E05: Which of the following most limits the effectiveness of an HF mobile transceiver operating in the 75 meter band?

'Picket Fencing' signal variation
The wire gauge of the DC power line to the transceiver
The antenna system
FCC rules limiting mobile output power on the 75 meter band

G5A06: How does a capacitor react to AC?

As the frequency of the applied AC increases, the reactance decreases
As the frequency of the applied AC increases, the reactance increases
As the amplitude of the applied AC increases, the reactance increases
As the amplitude of the applied AC increases, the reactance decreases

G5B02: How does the total current relate to the individual currents in each branch of a parallel circuit?

It equals the average of each branch current
It decreases as more parallel branches are added to the circuit
It equals the sum of the currents through each branch
It is the sum of the reciprocal of each individual voltage drop

G5C05: If three equal value resistors in parallel produce 50 ohms of resistance, and the same three resistors in series produce 450 ohms, what is the value of each resistor?

1500 ohms
90 ohms
150 ohms
175 ohms

G6A01: Which of the following is an important characteristic for capacitors used to filter the DC output of a switching power supply?

Low equivalent series resistance
High equivalent series resistance
Low Temperature coefficient
High Temperature coefficient

G6B12: What is the primary purpose of a screen grid in a vacuum tube?

To reduce grid-to-plate capacitance
To increase efficiency
To increase the control grid resistance
To decrease plate resistance

G6C10: What two devices in an Amateur Radio station might be connected using a USB interface?

Computer and transceiver
Microphone and transceiver
Amplifier and antenna
Power supply and amplifier

G7A13: Which symbol in Figure G7-1 represents a tapped inductor?

Symbol 7
Symbol 11
Symbol 6
Symbol 1

G7B02: Which of the following is an advantage of using the binary system when processing digital signals?

Binary "ones" and "zeros" are easy to represent with an "on" or "off" state
The binary number system is most accurate
Binary numbers are more compatible with analog circuitry
All of these choices are correct

G7C07: What is the simplest combination of stages that implement a superheterodyne receiver?

RF amplifier, detector, audio amplifier
RF amplifier, mixer, IF discriminator
HF oscillator, mixer, detector
HF oscillator, pre-scaler, audio amplifier

G8A02: What is the name of the process that changes the phase angle of an RF wave to convey information?

Phase convolution
Phase modulation
Angle convolution
Radian inversion

G8B03: What is another term for the mixing of two RF signals?

Phase inverting

G9A04: What is the reason for the occurrence of reflected power at the point where a feed line connects to an antenna?

Operating an antenna at its resonant frequency
Using more transmitter power than the antenna can handle
A difference between feed-line impedance and antenna feed-point impedance
Feeding the antenna with unbalanced feed line

G9B06: Where should the radial wires of a ground-mounted vertical antenna system be placed?

As high as possible above the ground
Parallel to the antenna element
On the surface or buried a few inches below the ground
At the top of the antenna

G9C19: What configuration of the loops of a two-element quad antenna must be used for the antenna to operate as a beam antenna, assuming one of the elements is used as a reflector?

The driven element must be fed with a balun transformer
The driven element must be open-circuited on the side opposite the feed point
The reflector element must be approximately 5% shorter than the driven element
The reflector element must be approximately 5% longer than the driven element

G9D06: Which of the following is an advantage of a log periodic antenna?

Wide bandwidth
Higher gain per element than a Yagi antenna
Harmonic suppression
Polarization diversity