Ham General License Practice Quiz

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G0A01: What is one way that RF energy can affect human body tissue?

It heats body tissue
It causes radiation poisoning
It causes the blood count to reach a dangerously low level
It cools body tissue

G0B07: Which of the following should be observed for safety when climbing on a tower using a safety belt or harness?

Never lean back and rely on the belt alone to support your weight
Always attach the belt safety hook to the belt D-ring with the hook opening away from the tower
Ensure that all heavy tools are securely fastened to the belt D-ring
Make sure that your belt is grounded at all times

G1A06: Which of the following frequencies is in the 12 meter band?

3.940 MHz
12.940 MHz
17.940 MHz
24.940 MHz

G1B05: When may music be transmitted by an amateur station?

At any time, as long as it produces no spurious emissions
When it is unintentionally transmitted from the background at the transmitter
When it is transmitted on frequencies above 1215 MHz
When it is an incidental part of a manned space craft retransmission

G1C08: What is the maximum symbol rate permitted for RTTY or data emission transmitted at frequencies below 28 MHz?

56 kilobaud
19.6 kilobaud
1200 baud
300 baud

G1D10: What is the minimum age that one must be to qualify as an accredited Volunteer Examiner?

12 years
18 years
21 years
There is no age limit

G1E03: In what ITU region is operation in the 7.175 to 7.300 MHz band permitted for a control operator holding an FCC-issued General Class license?

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
All three regions

G2A08: Which of the following is a recommended way to break into a conversation when using phone?

Say "QRZ" several times followed by your call sign
Say your call sign during a break between transmissions from the other stations
Say "Break. Break. Break." and wait for a response
Say "CQ" followed by the call sign of either station

G2B04: When selecting a CW transmitting frequency, what minimum frequency separation should you allow in order to minimize interference to stations on adjacent frequencies?

5 to 50 Hz
150 to 500 Hz
1 to 3 kHz
3 to 6 kHz

G2C03: What does it mean when a CW operator sends "KN" at the end of a transmission?

Listening for novice stations
Operating full break-in
Listening only for a specific station or stations
Closing station now

G2D10: What is QRP operation?

Remote piloted model control
Low power transmit operation
Transmission using Quick Response Protocol
Traffic relay procedure net operation

G2E11: What does the abbreviation "MFSK" stand for?

Manual Frequency Shift Keying
Multi (or Multiple) Frequency Shift Keying
Manual Frequency Sideband Keying
Multi (or Multiple) Frequency Sideband Keying

G3A03: Approximately how long does it take the increased ultraviolet and X-ray radiation from solar flares to affect radio-wave propagation on the Earth?

28 days
1 to 2 hours
8 minutes
20 to 40 hours

G3B07: What does LUF stand for?

The Lowest Usable Frequency for communications between two points
The Longest Universal Function for communications between two points
The Lowest Usable Frequency during a 24 hour period
The Longest Universal Function during a 24 hour period

G3C05: Why is long distance communication on the 40, 60, 80 and 160 meter bands more difficult during the day?

The F layer absorbs signals at these frequencies during daylight hours
The F layer is unstable during daylight hours
The D layer absorbs signals at these frequencies during daylight hours
The E layer is unstable during daylight hours

G4A05: What is a purpose of using Automatic Level Control (ALC) with a RF power amplifier?

To balance the transmitter audio frequency response
To reduce harmonic radiation
To reduce distortion due to excessive drive
To increase overall efficiency

G4B13: What is a use for an antenna analyzer other than measuring the SWR of an antenna system?

Measuring the front to back ratio of an antenna
Measuring the turns ratio of a power transformer
Determining the impedance of an unknown or unmarked coaxial cable
Determining the gain of a directional antenna

G4C03: What sound is heard from an audio device or telephone if there is interference from a nearby single-sideband phone transmitter?

A steady hum whenever the transmitter is on the air
On-and-off humming or clicking
Distorted speech
Clearly audible speech

G4D09: What frequency range is occupied by a 3 kHz USB signal with the displayed carrier frequency set to 14.347 MHz?

14.347 to 14.647 MHz
14.347 to 14.350 MHz
14.344 to 14.347 MHz
14.3455 to 14.3485 MHz

G4E02: What is the purpose of a "corona ball" on a HF mobile antenna?

To narrow the operating bandwidth of the antenna
To increase the "Q" of the antenna
To reduce the chance of damage if the antenna should strike an object
To reduce high voltage discharge from the tip of the antenna

G5A02: What is reactance?

Opposition to the flow of direct current caused by resistance
Opposition to the flow of alternating current caused by capacitance or inductance
A property of ideal resistors in AC circuits
A large spark produced at switch contacts when an inductor is de-energized

G5B08: What is the peak-to-peak voltage of a sine wave that has an RMS voltage of 120 volts?

84.8 volts
169.7 volts
240.0 volts
339.4 volts

G5C02: Which part of a transformer is normally connected to the incoming source of energy?

The secondary
The primary
The core
The plates

G6A05: Which of the following is one effect of lead inductance in a capacitor used at VHF and above?

Effective capacitance may be reduced
Voltage rating may be reduced
ESR may be reduced
The polarity of the capacitor might become reversed

G6B03: What is the approximate junction threshold voltage of a germanium diode?

0.1 volt
0.3 volts
0.7 volts
1.0 volts

G6C07: What is one disadvantage of an incandescent indicator compared to an LED?

Low power consumption
High speed
Long life
High power consumption

G7A04: What is the peak-inverse-voltage across the rectifier in a half-wave power supply?

One-half the normal peak output voltage of the power supply
One-half the normal output voltage of the power supply
Equal to the normal output voltage of the power supply
Two times the normal peak output voltage of the power supply

G7B10: Which of the following is a characteristic of a Class A amplifier?

Low standby power
High Efficiency
No need for bias
Low distortion

G7C09: Which of the following is needed for a Digital Signal Processor IF filter?

An analog to digital converter
A digital to analog converter
A digital processor chip
All of the these choices are correct

G8A08: Which of the following is an effect of over-modulation?

Insufficient audio
Insufficient bandwidth
Frequency drift
Excessive bandwidth

G8B03: What is another term for the mixing of two RF signals?

Phase inverting

G9A11: What standing wave ratio will result from the connection of a 50-ohm feed line to a non-reactive load having a 50-ohm impedance?


G9B01: What is one disadvantage of a directly fed random-wire antenna?

It must be longer than 1 wavelength
You may experience RF burns when touching metal objects in your station
It produces only vertically polarized radiation
It is not effective on the higher HF bands

G9C11: What is the purpose of a gamma match used with Yagi antennas?

To match the relatively low feed-point impedance to 50 ohms
To match the relatively high feed-point impedance to 50 ohms
To increase the front to back ratio
To increase the main lobe gain

G9D03: At what height above ground is an NVIS antenna typically installed?

As close to one-half wave as possible
As close to one wavelength as possible
Height is not critical as long as it is significantly more than 1/2 wavelength
Between 1/10 and 1/4 wavelength